Grow with Google Challenge

At the beginning of 2018 I received an email congratulating me on my acceptance into a really cool program offered by Udacity and sponsored by Google. I basically have the chance to win a full scholarship for a nano degree in front-end web development, which is offered by Udacity. When I got this news I was super excited because I love expanding my knowledge of web development and growing my skill set. In April 2018 I will know if I won the full scholarship and I will be sure to blog about it here. Completing the challenge course was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the content and how the lessons were structured. Everything was broken up into mostly short clips with some quizzes and code challenges in between. I’ve always found that I learn best by doing so this structure really resonated with me.

We had to complete 3 projects which you can check out on my codepen if you’d like. The first two projects were super basic and just covered HTML and CSS. The third project (a pixel style drawing app) was a little more fun and required us to use a lot of the major concepts covered throughout the course, especially JavaScript and jQuery. Even though most of the material wasn’t new to me I still really enjoyed slowing down and going over the basics. Being self-taught in web development, I’ve always found myself inclined to brush over the “basics”. Recently I’ve been trying to get away from this as much as possible and I’ve been focusing more on a fundamental approach to learning, which is why I signed up for this challenge initially.

Above and beyond the course and what I’ve learned, I could have never expected the community that popped up around this challenge to be so vibrant, engaging, and friendly. It’s truly a wonderful thing to be surrounded by 10,000 other individuals all with various backgrounds and experience, but one thing in common. We are there because we have a passion for web development and want to learn as much as possible. So it really has been an absolute pleasure participating in the discussion forums and in the slack that Udacity has set up for the course. I’ve already connected with so many awesome people from this community and I’m really excited for what the future holds. A lot of students are forming teams and collaborating on different projects which I hope to be a part of. Overall, I couldn’t be more happy with what has come from this challenge so far and I’m forever grateful to Udacity and Google for putting together such an amazing program.

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