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Building a Simple Node.js Express API

At the end of my last post, Connecting MongoDB to Node.js, I walked through a brief example of how to connect a local MongoDB server to a Node.js Express app. We finished with an app that basically does nothing except create a model for a Todo and connect to a local Mongo database. So if...

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Connecting MongoDB to Node.js

If you read my post Getting Started with MongoDB, I went over some basic instructions to start a mongoDB server on a windows PC. This post will be all about connecting that database to a local Node.js express back-end, so if you aren’t up to speed with Mongo be sure to check out that post...

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Getting Started with MongoDB

MongoDB is a pretty awesome NoSQL database that has become super popular in the past few years. I’ve recently started learning MongoDB and I have to say I can understand it’s popularity. Modern applications are rapidly evolving and many will argue that relational databases are not designed to deal with the challenges that have presented...

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