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About Me

About. Hello, my name is Rob Tucker. I'm a passionate web developer, eCommerce specialist, and lover of all things open source. I'm currently based in Dana Point California and I work full time managing the tech for the online clothing brand Richie House. Aside from work, I also enjoy traveling, the ocean, and spending time hiking and skiing in the mountains.

Journey. At the beginning of my career, I wanted to mainly focus on front-end design and development. As I progressed and started to work in eCommerce, the need for my code to talk to the server started to become more important. I've always been fascinated by learning how things work and soon connecting the front to the back end became my new passion. I have the most experience working with the good old LAMP stack, especially open source CMS's like WordPress. I'm currently learning more about some newer development stacks (MEAN/MERN) and will have some sample projects to share soon.

Reach Out. Currently, I'm open to freelance work if the right project comes along. However, I'm mostly focused on growing my knowledge and keeping the tech running smoothly at my day job. If you think I'd be a good match for your development needs feel free to send me an email.

My work is...

Easily Managed

Using an open source CMS like WordPress allows me to empower my clients and let them control their content and general customizations.

Modern & Responsive

I only use the latest web technologies and I follow modern design trends and techniques, ensuring my work is always responsive and looks great everywhere.

Secure & Updatable

My code is well documented and I always follow the industries current best practices making my work secure and easy to update.

Lets Talk

Feel free to message me with your questions or just to chat.